Skin care

Our pharmacy provides high-quality, safe cosmetics products for every skin type. Our staff is more than happy to assist you in choosing products.


AcoACO is a Swedish skin care line that offers a comprehensive selection of products for beauty and skin problems and personal hygiene. The ACO selection includes both medical preparations and skin care products. There are special products for acne, facial care, and body care to name but a few. ACO also has specific products for intimate hygiene and cleanliness. Product pages »


AveneThe Avène products are specially designed for sensitive and atopic skin, and they are based on thermal spring water that has a soothing effect on skin. There are already more than 50 clinical studies on the effects of the Avène water. All Avène products are manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9002 quality standard. The products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (do not cause blackheads), and they have been clinically tested under supervision of dermatologists. Product pages »


EucerinEucerin offers both facial care products and base creams, as well as washing products and other personal hygiene products. All Eucerin products are clinically tested and they in fact specialise in care products for sensitive and extremely sensitive skin. Both unscented and mildly scented products are found in their line. In Finland, Eucerin is a major representative of facial care products meant for diverse skin types, washing products and others, and it is a market leader in suntan products. In recent years, Eucerin has also focused on developing their base cream line. Product pages »


FavoraThe Finnish skin care line of Favora is well-suited even for sensitive skin. The selection offers products for facial and total body care. All used ingredients are as pure and safe as possible, and no colourings or artificial fragrances have been used. There is an exceptional number of therapeutic ingredients. Key factors in caring for sensitive skin are gentle cleaning, effective moisturising, and ingredients that protect your skin. Favora has the aim of producing healthy and resistant skin that can recuperate from different forms of stress more easily. Product pages »

IDUN Minerals

IDUN Minerals is a Swedish range of mineral products with caring and protective properties, developed to suit all skin types, from oily to dry skin. The range includes foundation, concealer, blush, powder, bronzer, eye shadow and lip-gloss. It also includes associated brushes and a brush cleaner.  Product pages »

Lumene LAB

lumene_labLumene LAB is a new product line by the leading Finnish cosmetics manufacturer that is only available in pharmacies. The products are developed and manufactured in Finland, and there are two lines: a protective line for people over 25 and a reconstructive line for people over 40. Additionally, there are various cleansing products for all skin types – regardless of your age. Product pages »


UriageUriage is dermocosmetic skin care for the extremely sensitive skin. Uriage is a French line of products whose effectiveness and potency is based on spring water rich in minerals and micronutrients, thus protecting and soothing your skin in the best possible way. There are special products for, among others, skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and couperose; for atopic skin; for scars and burn marks; for dry soles and cracking skin on fingers; for people suffering from contact dermatitis, and so on. Product pages »


VichyVichy aims to prevent and repair your skin’s physiological imbalances, such as dryness, wrinkles, and cellulite build-up in the tissue. Vichy conforms to ethical operations that guarantee the products’ safe use. The products by Vichy contain spring water, they are hypoallergenic, and do no clog up your pores. The products are medically manufactured and tested to suit even the most sensitive skin, under supervision of dermatologists. Product pages »