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Prescription drugs

Customer orientation is a key value at Sampo Apteekki. We focus on friendly, knowledgeable, and fast customer service.

You can always quickly get your prescription drugs to go. We place great value on your successful medical treatment, so we always give detailed instructions on how to use your drugs correctly and safely.

We aim to serve our prescription customers by taking into account their individual needs for drug-related guidance. We recently implemented a new queuing system, where you choose the type of service based on how many prescriptions you have – either 1-2 prescriptions or more than that. We constantly update our know-how – so you can feel confident that our advice is always up to date and in line with all official treatment recommendations.

In addition, we have an automated Fixu stock handling system to speed up the delivery of prescription drugs. Fixu will collect your drugs automatically in real time as the pharmacist enters your prescription data into the system.

Self-care products

Some of the main assets of our service offering are an extensive selection and high-quality products.

Self-care drugs can be bought at the pharmacy without a prescription. Self-care medication may cause side effects and they may not be suitable for long-term use. They can also produce harmful symptoms when combined with other medication. At our self-care section, our experienced pharmacist will help you choose the right product and advise you with its use.

In addition to self-care drugs, we have a large selection of various cosmetic products, vitamin supplements, natural health products, and nutritive preparations. Our expert staff will help you choose just the right products for you.

We also have all sorts of monthly specials: come see what they are and take advantage of these special offers!

Prescription renewal

A prescription is valid for a year from the date of issue or renewal. After this, the prescription must be renewed regardless of whether there are still uncollected lots left in it. You can leave your prescription with us to be renewed and collect it later when it best suits you.

Electronic prescription renewal

You can also renew your electronic prescriptions through our pharmacy. In this case our pharmacist will make an electronic renewal request.

Generic substitution

Whenever we handle your prescriptions, we always check for a more affordable generic alternative. If we find the generic option to be on the official listing of substitution drugs, we will offer you this choice to be substituted with the one your doctor prescribed.

Compatibility checks

With each prescription drug purchase, we will ensure that there are no compatibility issues with your medication. When you centralise all your medication-related purchases at Sampo Apteekki, we can make sure – in addition to the compatibility – that there are no overlaps in your medication. We will contact your doctor if necessary.

Schengen certificate for travelling

When you plan on travelling in the Schengen area, we will draw up the required certificate for Customs. This is necessary if you are carrying medication that is classified as narcotic or psychotropic. We can issue you a certificate for the drugs you have purchased at our pharmacy. When you arrive to collect your certificate, please take the package containing the drugs, the prescription, and your passport with you. Your passport number will be marked in the certificate. The certificate is valid for 30 days from the start date of your trip. Issuing Schengen certificates is a paid service. You can download a Schengen certificate here.

Dosage delivery

We use the national ANJA system to automatically dose and deliver drugs to our customers. The drugs are delivered to customers every two weeks in disposable dosage bags. Ask for more information about this service and the dosage delivery system at our pharmacy, tel. +358 10 320 3620

Drug receipt

The pharmacy will receive old, expired and unused drugs from households for no extra charge. All medical waste received at our pharmacy will be taken to hazardous waste disposal. The pharmacist is responsible for drug quality issues in the pharmacy. Any drugs that have been in a customer’s possession cannot be resold. This is also why unused drugs will not be reimbursed to customers. This practice is based on the Pharmaceutical Act and on the instructions issued by the authorities to pharmacies.

Here’s how to prepare for returning medical waste:

  • Remove any markings (such as instruction stickers) that may contain patient information from the packaging.
  • Bring the drugs to the pharmacy in a transparent, tightly sealed plastic bag.
  • Take out any tablets and capsules from their original packaging. Blister-packed tablets and capsules need not be removed from the packaging. Take glass containers to a recycling centre and throw out plastic containers.
  • Return all liquids in their original packaging.
  • Always return iodine tablets and other drugs that contain iodine in a separate, transparent plastic bag and in their original packaging. Products that contain iodine are, among others: Jodix tablets and the Betadine and Iodosorb products.
  • Return thermometers that contain mercury separately from all other medical waste. Put broken thermometers that contain mercury in a tightly sealed glass jar, for instance.
  • Return all syringes and needles separately from other medical waste. Pack these in some impermeable material, such as an empty plastic bottle or glass jar.
  • The pharmacy will only accept medical waste, thermometers that contain mercury, and syringes and needles. The pharmacy will not accept other waste (such as chemicals, hairspray bottles, battery-powered thermometers or other electrical devices, batteries, and so on).

Text from: The Association of Finnish Pharmacies, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, and the Finnish Solid Waste Association, April 5, 2013

Drug manufacture

Sampo Apteekki uses a contract pharmacy to manufacture drugs on order. This is why we ask to you reserve 3-5 days for the preparation and delivery of your medications.