Key customers

Benefits for key customers:

Our key customer program will provide significant benefits for those who centralise their purchases with us, and ensure maximum effectiveness of your medical treatment without unnecessary risks.


For key customers, all purchases of non-prescription products will add to their rebate total on the agreed scale. Showing your key customer card at the checkout will get you a discount based on your current calculated total purchases of all normal-priced self-care products, excluding those that are classified as drugs. The rebate is only available at your own Key Pharmacy.

Your Key Customer Magazine

Our key customer magazine is issued six times a year, and has many special offers for key customers on popular health and well-being products. These key customer offers are available at all Key Pharmacy locations throughout Finland. The current and expert articles in the magazine educate the readers on a host of health-related issues.

Extra services

As a key customer, you can monitor the yearly build-up of your own monetary contribution for prescription drugs. Also, you can get many of the additional services offered by your pharmacy at a much lower price – more information available at your own Key Pharmacy.

Enhancing drug safety

All purchase information of our key customers are recorded into your own Key Pharmacy’s customer register, which greatly enhances medication safety issues. The expert staff of your Key Pharmacy will always ensure Your individual medication’s compatibility and take into account all the medication-related allergies and hypersensitivities recorded in the customer register.